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Welcome to our new Summer Intern!

Welcome to our new Summer Intern!

My name is Vainui. I’m from Tahiti, and I study in a business school there.  I’m here in Santa Cruz for a 2 months’ internship at Island Home and Garden that I was able to obtain thanks to Amy Culver, who’s my mom’s friend.

I arrived at Island Home and Garden in the middle of the graduation week (which is one of the busiest weeks of the year) but it wasn’t a big deal for me because I know how to make leis, both crown or haku, because I used to dance in a Tahitian dance group, where we have to make our whole costumes with flowers, leaves, seashells, and other natural materials. So during this busy week I made a special lei that a customer ordered for his daughter, and a crown for a lady. I’m very glad that I could be of help.

Summer Intern Vainui

For now, my main goal for this internship is to make contact with some Tahitian companies so that I could import products to make a Tahitian corner in the Island Home and Garden store. So be ready, the Tahitian corner is coming soon, and I know you will like it!