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Graduation Leis – Hawaiian & Thai Orchids

Graduation Leis – Hawaiian & Thai Orchids

It is almost the end of May, and graduations have begun!  Our special orchid refrigerator is stocked with both Thai and Hawaiian orchids so that we can provide the custom leis that you have come to expect. Some information about our orchids:

The Thai orchids are larger than the Hawaiian orchids, and most of you will be familiar with the purple and white standard leis that you buy at most places.  This Thai orchid is called Bombay (and we have another deep purple called Red Bull) which we use as base colors when making multi-colored leis.   Our refrigerator also holds ‘mokara’ orchids from Thailand in shades of orange, yellow, pink and red.  These are smaller orchids, and we use them as accent colors with the purples.

The Hawaiian orchids are more delicate, but still make beautiful leis. They are all dendrobium orchids and come in shades of lavender, green, white and dark purple.

Don’t forget we can also add plumeria (yellow) or tuberose (white) blooms to add a fabulous tropical scent to your lei!!!