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Congratulations, and Thank You!

Now that Graduation season is over, Barb and Robyn send many congratulations to all the graduates who wore leis from Island Home and Garden. Despite being so busy making the leis, we were able to imagine you all at the various ceremonies throughout Santa Cruz and the Bay Area, and felt we were part of your happy events!

We would also like to Thank You for your business during the busy months of May and June.  We made close to 350 leis for the month, and during the busiest week in June, shipped in 9000 blooms in boxes (the purple and white orchids), plus many other colored orchids on stems which we stripped to make those gorgeous tutti-frutti leis.  The orchid refrigerator (and many coolers) kept everything fresh, and we are happy to say we used almost every last orchid that week!

Barb and Robyn sincerely appreciate your business, and wish all of the graduates the very best in the career paths you have chosen.