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Sylvia Valentine

Island Home and Garden is pleased to offer new items from the award-winning nature photographs of Sylvia Valentine. We have a selection of her beautiful items available in matted prints, framed prints, and greeting cards.
Artist Sylvia Valentine
Here is her biography from her website:

“My photography is a reflection of what my heart connects with in the moment. My name means “Maiden of the Woods” and I’ve always felt connected to Nature. I love capturing the Spirit of a place, often using close angles and light to bring a magical, unique perspective. I feel like art can be a prayer (silent, still, intimate) and beauty is medicine! I hope my art stirs something inside you, opening you to feel more connected with everything around and within you.

My intention is to bring more beauty and intimacy to each moment through everything I do.
I re-discovered my love of photography on a trip to New Zealand in 2008 with my husband Paul. We love to travel and experience the richness of other cultures and landscapes. And we’re always exploring nooks and crannies near our home too! Many of my favorite photos are from our own backyard… Carmel, Big Sur, Corralitos and Santa Cruz.

I photograph intuitively and organically, continuing to learn everyday. I’m a huge advocate of sharing our creative pursuits and exploring our inner artist no matter what our “day job” might be.   I have a BA in Ayurveda (Holistic) Medicine and an MA in Spiritual Psychology.”

Check out Sylvia’s website:

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